Narcissist Female Traits: 28 Female Narcissistic Traits

Narcissist female traits

 Do you know any self-centred, frequently harsh, envious, and judgmental women?

Perhaps she's a narcissist.

Narcissistic women are frequently disregarded.

Female narcissists may go unreported and be mistaken for a "mean girl" or a mature lady since they display some of the same behaviours as ordinary adolescent females.

It's a popular misconception that means girls learn to control their behaviour. However, women who already exhibit narcissistic qualities may be more likely to engage in behaviours like gossiping, excluding others, and destroying relationships.

Narcissistic dominant females are almost as dangerous as their male counterparts, yet tropes like "sweet young girl," "nurturing mother," and "kind little grandma" provide some safety for women.

Nobody believes the kind elderly woman can be vengeful, threatening, and vicious.

People also don't anticipate moms to be so egotistical that they'd be ready to forsake or mistreat their kids.

Female narcissists frequently compete with other females for supremacy, but male narcissists frequently utilise their attractiveness and look to achieve their objectives.

Female narcissists, in actuality, never "grow out" of their childish behaviours.

Instead, they get more violent as they get older, employing their manipulative qualities to further their selfish objectives and take advantage of others.

How to Deal With a Female Narcissist

Whether you are dealing with a grandiose narcissist or a vulnerable narcissist, you need to understand that both of these types of narcissists often act out of insecurity.

Don't allow yourself to wander when you are speaking with a narcissist face to face.

When a narcissist attempts to take the lead, you could lose sight of your sense of purpose.

However, despite everything she might be attempting to get your attention, you don't have to pay attention to everything this person does.

Try to avoid engaging in or letting oneself become dragged into manipulation that is either passive-aggressive or downright ugly.

Recognizing that you won't succeed in convincing her to change or reason with you, strive to maintain your composure.

You might need to strike a balance between achieving your objectives and lessening the narcissist's anxieties while still putting your well-being first.

You may want to recognise her sentiments while dealing with a grandiose narcissist, but if at all possible, try to move on.

If the female narcissist is a family member, it may be challenging to set boundaries, but doing so can help you retain your self-respect and mental health. Just be aware that she could disregard your rules and do anything she wants.

Female Narcissists and Relationships

Studies have revealed that when the female spouse is the narcissistic one, both couples exhibit higher violent behaviour.

Although there is no connection between these behaviours with a man's level of narcissism, men frequently show more rage when they must engage with a narcissistic partner.

This implies that narcissistic women are more aggressive in relationships, which in turn leads to their partners acting aggressively and angrily when they are with them.

This establishes a pattern of actions that are emotionally abusive, which will gradually erode the relationship's trust and happiness.

So that you can be certain, let's go over the characteristics of female narcissists.

28 Female Narcissistic Traits

1. The suffering of others makes the narcissist happy.

Female narcissists find satisfaction and excitement in demeaning other people. She frequently jabs individuals to humiliate or degrade them.

When individuals talk about important issues or feelings, she shows no empathy.

She also just offers brief comments or utters harsh criticism to minimise the emotions of others.

2. Love and hate are swiftly transformed in a woman narcissist.

She has the uncanny capacity to first laud, then depreciate, and ultimately abandon her victims.

She ends a connection as soon as she has received everything she needs from it.

She finds it enjoyable to undermine other people's relationships for her selfish amusement because she is unable to build healthy and satisfying relationships of her own.

3. With her pals, the narcissist is fiercely competitive.

The narcissist determines who among her female pals is a threat and who is simply going along for the ride.

The obedient individuals can be kept around until they can no longer help the narcissist in any manner, whereas those who pose a threat to the narcissist by their achievement, beauty, personality, position, or all of the above, are the ones who are targeted for elimination.

4. The female narcissist incites rivalry among her pals.

The narcissist will accuse her friends of slandering one another when, in reality, it is her fabrications that are causing tension or conflict within the group and giving her the impression that she is better than the others in her life.

5. A female narcissist is excessively self-conscious.

Female narcissists may have a conventionally appealing appearance, but they nevertheless exploit their sexuality to further their selfish ends.

A narcissistic woman would utilise this societal standard to try to exert her dominance since women in today's culture are socialised to objectify themselves.

6. She is materialistic.

Female narcissists like spending money, whilst male narcissists are more likely to be focused on generating money.

She typically likes spoiling herself with the priciest designer clothing, revels in luxury at the cost of her loved ones or lets a wealthy partner indulge her even though she has little affection for him or her.

Her external appearance is more significant than her inside truth.

Female narcissists may also accumulate a fortune on their own and use it as proof of their superiority.

7. A narcissistic woman ignores limits.

Female narcissists frequently have a coterie of fans, including ex-lovers who continue to appear in photos or even admirers who linger in the background.

She will make use of them to ignore the limits of her relationships and make other people envious.

She frequently constructs love triangles because she enjoys the conflict's drama and the overwhelming male attention.

She will find a way to violate your limits and make you feel awful for establishing them, no matter how often you implore her to respect your feelings, time, money, or material possessions.

8. A narcissist anticipates receiving favours.

She not only demands good treatment, but she also anticipates it.

She believes that since she is unique, she merits fame, fortune, success, and fulfilment, even if doing so comes at the expense of others.

9. Women narcissists frequently exhibit jealousy.

She seems to be quite confident, but she is frequently jealous.

She frequently teams up with a friend to argue how the two of them are better than others and seeks ways to undermine other individuals.

10. She believes that everybody is envious of her.

While she is internally jealous, she also really believes that others are envious of her. She uses this justification to justify her lack of personal, intimate relations.

She will find a method to minimise the successes of her buddies if they are having success of their own.

11. The narcissist attributes fault.

Female narcissists accuse others of being too responsible for their issues.

They think they are incapable of making mistakes, thus anything that goes wrong must be someone else's responsibility.

They don't ever feel guilty since they think there is nothing they can do wrong.

12. A narcissistic woman frequently presents as unstable.

Female narcissists are prone to violent behaviour when they are rejected by others, have dangerous activities, and have addictive personalities.

Others may perceive them as unstable since they frequently exhibit little in the way of a medium ground and are either extremely pleased or extremely sad.

13. She takes perceived slights quite personally.

She is eager to retaliate and fight back if she believes that someone is questioning her or speaking poorly of her.

This frequently occurs in a way that is exaggerated compared to whatever she believes someone is saying about her.

She will turn a small hill into a large mountain.

14. The narcissist won't ever express regret.

Female narcissists never have to apologise to anyone because they feel they can do no wrong.

When she makes a mistake, she is quick to place the blame elsewhere rather than accepting accountability.

15. She exaggerates her sense of significance to others.

Feelings of entitlement and the conviction that they are more significant than others around them are two of the most observable traits of female narcissists.

They will exaggerate their successes and solicit accolades from others.

16. A narcissistic lady lacks basic decency.

A narcissistic lady does not display politeness towards others that are considered socially acceptable.

She has a strong conviction that she is here to complete the world, thus she doesn't see any reason to consider other people's needs.

Even just having her around is a gift to everyone around her.

17. The narcissistic partner "punishes" her.

Female narcissists frequently distance themselves from their partners in love relationships when they feel mistreated.

She could punish her lover by showing them neglect and desertion. She could also forbid sex as a way of punishing her lover.

18. A female narcissist is not compassionate.

She has no guilt for making someone feel any way inferior and is reluctant to try to comprehend what other people are feeling.

Since her perspective is the only one that matters, she never makes an effort to comprehend or empathise with another person's point of view.

19. Female narcissists like talking about themselves.

A narcissistic lady loves to talk about herself. She frequently interrupts others' talks to draw their attention to herself in some way.

20. She flaunts herself on social media.

She uses social media frequently and makes an effort to amass as many friends or followers as she can.

She enjoys promoting herself and usually uploads photos of herself appearing flawless.

But never post anything on social media that is disparaging or humorous about this woman. She exacts harsh justice.

21. An egotistical person takes more than they offer.

The companion or lover who formerly lavished you with affection and attention has abruptly changed and is now a taker all the time.

She believes that she is entitled to everything and is unconcerned whether you are in poverty. If you moan too much, you'll get brushed off rather fast.

22. A drama queen, the female narcissist is.

Her activities are erratic, and she frequently overreacts.

A furious narcissist can consistently astound people with her wrath and harsh treatment of others.

She enjoys stirring the pot and watching how other people struggle or behave in response to her theatrical outbursts or actions.

23. She has a severe control issue.

When describing a partner, the word "controlling" is sometimes overused, but when you are in a relationship with a narcissist, "control" has a whole different connotation.

Narcissistic women won't give up until their once-loud voice is reduced to a low whisper. She has the right of way.

24. The narcissist enjoys playing the victim.

For narcissists, manipulation is enjoyable, and female narcissists are experts at adopting passive-aggressive behaviours to wound or mislead you.

To coerce you into doing what she wants, she can give you the silent treatment, block you on social media, ignore your texts, or leave the house for a lengthy time.

25. She is a relationship cheat.

She is a dishonest spouse who frequently acts without regret. She also utilises gaslighting and dishonesty to manipulate her mate.

Her spouse, who normally spoils her, is not aware of her acute disloyalty, nevertheless.

26. It is tiring to be around a female narcissist.

Being with her is stressful due to her incessant demands and her blunt comments.

It feels like an exhausting, never-ending task to try to keep her happy while walking on eggshells to avoid setting her off.

27. The narcissist believes that you are the issue.

She isn't aware that she is a narcissist, but if she read the qualities listed above, she could conclude that you meet the criteria.

Never does she have an issue. It follows you everywhere.

28. To control others, she manipulates them using shame and guilt trips.

Two of the numerous tactics in a narcissistic woman's manipulation toolkit that she frequently uses are guilt-tripping and shaming.

She will attempt to make you feel awful if she needs you to do something but can't obtain what she wants by asking. Your guilty conscience forces you to comply with her request since she'll go all out with a sob tale.

If it doesn't work, she will embarrass you into acting so you feel like a loser if it doesn't work the first time. How could you be so callous when you know how important this is to me, she would ask. or "So you're not loving me like you say you do."

Narcissist Female Traits


What are female narcissists attracted to?

In actuality, narcissists frequently find themselves drawn to powerful, assertive, and self-assured women.

What makes a female narcissist angry?

Even if the criticism is constructive or delivered politely, individuals nevertheless feel as though they have been criticised.

What are the signs of a narcissistic wife?

  • Focus on getting one's own needs met.
  • Lack of empathy.
  • Often ignoring the needs of others.
  • Higher levels of aggression.
  • Manipulative or controlling behaviour.
  • Difficulty taking feedback about their behaviour.
  • Sense of entitlement or superiority.
  • Strong need for admiration.

Final Thoughts

These narcissistic tendencies in a female will have a detrimental effect on her self-worth, mental health, and general well-being.

It could be time to reconsider her place in your life and limit the time you spend with her.

It could be challenging to end a relationship with this person because she should be the one to go, but you must start making efforts to do so if you want a better life for yourself.